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About 76moocow - FAQ

--How old is 76moocow?

Older than you might expect! Very early iterations of the website emerged in March 2001. The website continued to gain traction and grew into a fully-fledged business in 2006.

--Why did you create it?

For fun! 76moocow began as a hobby. As the website's popularity scaled rapidly, I devoted more time to its development. Thanks to your support, 76moocow became an Australian success story and enabled me to pay my way to university.

--What's with the name?

Truth be told, I settled on the name because I thought it was crazy enough that people might just remember it (spoiler: you did). And there you have it, from the depths of my 13-year-old brain, 76moocow! The incongruity of the name also allowed some of you to evade administrative blocks.

--Who are you?

Alex Mac. From Australia, mate!

Questions? Feel free to contact me.



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