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About 76moocow - FAQ

--How old is 76moocow?

Older than you might expect! 76moocow first laid foot on the Internet in January 2001. The Forum was brought to life on another server some two years later.

--Why did you create it?

It started on a whim when I was 11 years old. As the website's popularity began to scale, I devoted more time to its development. Thanks to your support, 76moocow became a success story and more or less covered my university tuition.

--What's with the name?

Nothing sells like nonsense. Truth be told, I settled on the name because I thought it was crazy enough that people might just remember it (spoiler: you did). And there you have it, from the depths of my 11-year-old brain, 76moocow!

--Who are you?

Alex Mac. From Australia, mate!

Questions? Feel free to contact me.



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